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Miami-Dade AHEC would like to thank our sponsors for supporting our mission to improve access to quality health care and provide preventative health education to the underserved communities of South Florida.  Without the support from our sponsors, we would not be as successful as we are today.

Miami-Dade AHEC is a sub-contractor of the University of Miami AHEC Program and receives support for a limited portion of our programs
and services.


Corporate Sponsors


Alpha Epsilon Delta -
Pre Medical Honor Society





Community Bank of Florida

Coral Gables Congregational

Dairy Council of Florida


Holt, Rinehart and Winston

The Miami Woman's Club


Microsoft Corporation



Professional Press, Inc.


RadioShack Corporate Offices

Seth Shapiro, DDS

YWCA of Greater Miami-Dade

Foundations & Organizations


Anthony R. Abraham Foundation, Inc.


The Chatlos Foundation, Inc.


Peacock Foundation, Inc.




Individual Donors
Ms. Kathryb Abbate
Ms. Carol A. Morrison
Ms. Ana Abele
Ms. Zalma M. Musa, PA
Dr. Frances B. Aronovitz
Ms. Monica Musiet
Dr.&  Mrs. George & Elizabeth Battle
Ms. Sandra Pagnussat
Dr. W.J. Blechman
Ms. Kuwananh S. Payne-Baker
Ms. Sarah Brown, LPN
Dr. Maryse Pedoussaut
Dr. Juana P. Caceres, MD Ms. Alina Perez-Stable, Exec. Director
Mr. & Mrs. Alvah and Betty Chapman Dr. Laurinus Pierre
Ms. Lin Chau-Yi Ms. Youseline Poteau
Ms. Justine Clegg, RN Ms. Edwina W. Prime
Ms. Carol Delong Pyles, EdD Dr. Francisco Quintana
Ms. Tori Gabriel Dr. Mark Rabinowitz
Drs. Otto L. and Eloina G. Garcia Ms. Clara Rendueles
Mr. John Grosby Dr. Ignacio Rua
Dr. Divina Grossman Ms. Francien Ruwitch, Director
Dr. Stephen Halpert Ms. Martha A. Sanchez, RN, BSN, MBA
Ms. Mary Harris Ms. Terri Schilthorn, MS
Mr. and Mrs. Allen and Penny Hart Ms. Francine Y. Schoen, MLS
Dr. Susan Himburg, Professor Mr. William L. Schoen
Ms. Carolyn Kieswetter, RN Ms. Laya F. Seghi, LCSW, CBP
Ms. Carmen P. Lambert Dr. Eleni D. Sfakianaki
Mr. Santiago G. Leon Ms. Mary Moore Snipes
Ms. Paulette Louis and Mr. Pierre Suboine Dr. Nilda I. Soto
Ms. Patricia S. Mann Ms. Rossana Tamames
Ms. Mary Jane Marr, MSW Dr. Marilola Tudela
Mr. Enso A. Martinez, Sr. V.P. & Team Leader Dr. Sheri S. Watson, DMD
Mr. Gene Meehan, President Ms. Adrienne Weinstein
Ms. Gail S. Meltzer, CFRE Ms. Lisa Wynne, ARNP
Dr. Jack Michel, President & CEO  

Miami-Dade AHEC
1200 NW 78th Avenue, Suite 209
Miami, FL 33126
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